These charts show each character with a speaking role in each story and show the values associated with those characters in terms of age and social status. In addition to this, each character's name is a hyperlink which leads to additional charts for the individual character which break down that character's honorific usage in Korean and their usage of formal and informal words in English.

The gift of the Magi

Name Age Status
Della middle low
James Dillingham middle low
Sofronie middle neutral

The last leaf

Name Age Status
Behrman middle neutral
Johnsy middle neutral
Sue middle neutral
the doctor middle high

The Cop and the Anthem

Name Age Status
Bedelia middle neutral
Man middle high
Soapy middle low
Waiter middle low

Mammon and the Archer

Name Age Status
Anthony Rockwall middle neutral
Aunt Ellen middle high
G. Van Schuylight Suffolk-Jones middle neutral
Kelly middle neutral
Miss Lantry middle high
Richard Rockwall middle neutral

A Lickpenny Lover

Name Age Status
Carter middle high
Lulu young low
Masie young low
salesgirl young low

The Whirligig of Life

Name Age Status
Ariela Bilbro middle low
Justice-of-the-Peace Benaja Widdup middle high
Ransie Bilbro middle low
Robber middle low